RANS S-7 Courier




As far as Iím concerned, the Courier is about the best float plane Iíve ever had. Its wing area is larger than most of the kit planes available as is its power to weight ratio, two factors that are most important in floatplane performance. Also for maximum utility, tandem seating with a door on both sides is the only way to go.


The factory doesnít do much with float rigging although the air frame has a sleeve welded in to assist with attachment of the aft fittings and the main gear sockets are perfect for front fittings. Neither is there much data out there on design of fittings and rigging. What you will find in the following articles should give you all the info you need to rig your S7.I can supply a rigging kit as well.


Float Sizing


Float Rigging


Float Geometry Background


Full Lotus 1450 issues


Float Installation Adventure with PG floats


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